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The Nintendo Sprite Database.....Well sort of...
Until,I can get a seprate page for every sprite,I will have to put them here.

New Sprites Added Here ^^!


Pissed off Kirby

Ice Kirby

Bowser Laughing

Mouser throwing Bombs

Link with theTriforce

Sonic runing

A Fairy that revives Link

I like Chicken!! O.O

Mad Bomb from one of the SNES Bomberman Games

Close up Kirby Sprite

1 Up anyone?!

Fortune Teller Pic#1

Fortune Teller pic#2 Moving

Blue Star from SMRPG

Orange Star from SMRPG

Purple Star from SMRPG

Mario thanking the "All Mighty One"

Toad walking

Toad Crashed

Yoshi and Baby Yoshi

Dancing Shopkeeper

Werid Mouser from Doki Doki Panic

Pissed off Mallow

Bowser Slashing

Boomerang Throwing Bro.

Threasure Chest

Link is Slashing the wall again

Some Guard

Luigi Thinking

Pogo Guy